Weight Loss Tips: How Much Raspberry Ketone Should I Take Each Day?

Raspberry ketone is one of the latest weight loss supplements to appear on the market. This natural supplement is said to help to increase and speed up weight loss especially when used together with a low-calorie healthy diet and regular exercise. If you have heard of this natural product you may be asking “how much raspberry ketone should I take each day”. As with all diet pills it is important to take a dose that is safe and effective.

The active ingredient, raspberry ketone, is found naturally in red raspberries. Ketones are aromatic compounds found in nature, and they are present in many plants, fruits and berries. One of the main benefits of raspberry ketone is its effect on your body’s metabolism. It affects metabolism by regulating a protein (adiponectin) that in turn regulates the metabolic rate. This helps your body to burn off fat faster and more effectively. High levels of adiponectin are connected to smaller amounts of fat in the body.
The recommended daily dose of raspberry ketone is 100 mg. If you wanted to get 100 mg of the active ingredient from fresh raspberries, you would need to eat 90 pounds of fresh berries. Before buying a product read through the list of ingredients, as some products are 100% natural and some may contain added ingredients.

When buying any weight loss products it is important to check how much of the active ingredient each tablet or capsule contains. There are only a few raspberry ketone products on the market so far but as with any supplements, there are always differences in the quality. The cheapest products may contain too little of the active ingredient and may not be truly effective. Overdosing on any supplements can be harmful to your health and it is important to keep to the recommended daily dose.

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